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All American Driver Born & Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio - I Speak English & I Do Not Get Lost
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The Truth about 911
False Flag Operations
The U.S. Government
The London Bombings
The Madrid Bombings
The British Government
Operation Northwoods
Operation Ajax
Operation Gladio
Gulf of Tonkin Pretext
USS Liberty
Charlie Sheen
Speaks Out
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Schedule a Pickup at CVG or DAY or ANYWHERE
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513-241-PHAT (7428)
Rates from CVG to Downtown Cincinnati
$35.00 per taxicab (up to 6 passengers in the Phat Taxi Van)
Rates from Dayton International Airport (DAY) to Downtown Cincinnati
Only $119.00 per taxicab (up to 6 passengers in the Phat Taxi Van)
(compare my low rate to Dayton Yellow Taxicab service @ $138.00 from DAY to Cincinnati)
Rates from Port Columbus International Airport (CMH) to Downtown Cincinnati
Only $240.00 per taxicab (up to 6 passengers in the Phat Taxi Van)
(compare my low rate to Dulles Airport Taxicab services (614-235-1077) @ $272.00 from CMH to Cincinnati)
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to any point within the Cincinnati City limits?
Want a FREE taxicab ride from Mt. Adams, Mt. Lookout, Downtown Cincinnati
to any point within the Cincinnati City limits?

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Streaming Video clips from the Phat Taxi
September 25, 2007

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(*Video clips are recorded unless I am currently on the road)
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Phat Taxi - Your Mobile Wi-Fi Hot Spot
My Phat Taxi is the only taxicab in Cincinnati with
High Speed Broadband 3G Internet Access
Access My Continous Internet Connection from your own PC
as you are traveling, same as you do at any Wi-Fi Hot Spot

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A Note from Gary

Hi Everyone, May God Bless You on your visit,

Welcome to my Phat Taxi website. It isn't much, but it's a start. I simply love creating web pages and sharing my life with folks I meet online, as well as offline in my taxi cab. Many folks ask me if I enjoy driving a taxi. The answer to this question is a big YES. Of course I enjoy driving a taxi. If I didn't, I wouldn't be doing it. I would be doing something else. LOL. Driving a taxi is a real adventure, and I have the opportunity to meet folks from all around the world, whom I would most likely never get to meet otherwise. I own my own taxi cab and I am my own boss. I have nobody to answer to except for God. He is my provider and I trust in Him to provide all of my needs.

My hours of operation will vary, but mostly I drive in the evenings and early morning hours, unless I have set up a prior appointment to drive someone to the airport or other destination that makes it worth my time to get out in the daytime hours. I answer my phone 24/7 even when I am not out. If I can not Personally service your needs myself, I call other dependable drivers whom I know are currently working. I can usually get a taxicab to you within 15 minutes. If for any reason I can not get a taxicab to you quickly, I will tell you and I will give you the number of another taxicab company. (If I say 15 minutes, I mean 15 minutes, NOT 45 minutes) I am not responsible for how long it takes for other taxicab companies to dispatch a taxicab to you. I can only vouch for the drivers that I personally dispatch.
I have recently completed a webpage where you can schedule a trip in advance and/or request a quote online. Please Click Here. Book a Trip

I accept all major credit cards and I also accept PayPal. Please click here for more information. Make a Payment

Besides driving a taxi, I do many other things in an attempt to earn a decent living. The Lord has opened up many doors for me and I try my best to pass my blessings on to others. I am blessed, I am always happy, and I love to help others in any way I can, for I know God will always bless me for my efforts. One door that God has opened up for me, is my prison inmate penpal web site. It pretty much runs itself with very little maintenance. It's a tool for folks to add their loved ones who are in prison, for the purpose of finding them a decent penpal to help them pass their time. It's a true blessing to see folks utilizing this web site & it's 100% FREE to use. Here is a letter I typed, explaining why I encourage others to write to inmates. Read the letter
Please be sure to check it out.

Thank You,
Gary Gideon DBA Phat Taxi
aka TaxiGary
(513) 241-PHAT (7428)

The Phat Taxi

Visit My Favorite Links
Web Sites I have created or worked on
(email me for prices on web design & web hosting)
Feed My Sheep
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Letters from Prisoners
Phat Taxi Photo Album
My Genealogy
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Bobby Mackey's
Free Christian Music
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What is Love?
City of Cincinnati Municipal Code
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" Write to an inmate Today "

NEW! Add your own inmate for a Pen Pal
Click here to Add-An-Inmate and/or Sign The Guestbook

Click the above link to see the newly added Inmates who needs a Pen Pal
(these inmates might not be listed anywhere else on this web site)

If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
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Book 'Em: Undereducated, Overincarcerated

"First they arrested the Communists -- but I was not a Communist, so I did nothing. Then they came for the Social Democrats, but I was not a Social Democrat, so I did nothing. Then they arrested the trade unionists -- and I did nothing because I was not one. And then they came for the Jews and the Catholics, but I was neither a Jew nor a Catholic and I did nothing. At last they came and arrested me -- and there was no one left to do anything about it."  - Rev Martin Niemoller

Pure Romance at Bobby Mackeys
My YouTube Videos
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Constitution Class taught by Michael Badnarik (2003)  Click Here

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